Quality is the ultimate goal and founding philosophy at SENSA Group. Every member of the SENSA team is trained, educated and enthused with the spirit of quality consciousness from the day s/he joins.

At SENSA, every team member knows and believes that Quality Commands Its Progress.

Our AIM is to be the customers 1st choice all the time and therefore to ensure that we strive for the following:

☑ Supplying our customers with the best in quality along with timely deliveries & services
☑ Continuously improving our products by innovation and optimization
☑ Ensuring 100% of dispatches are as per specifications best suited for the customer
☑ Ensure proper training is given through company policies & practices to all employees so that the above is never compromised


✅ Have the best systems, work flows and practices of the industry
✅ Constantly be quicker, better and innovative.
✅ Constantly deliver higher value.
✅ Always keep the customer first in all actions and plans


✅ Friendly and efficient customer service team
✅ Demonstrable sustainability initiatives
✅ Over 6000 stocked items
✅ Flexible and innovative solutions